Who We Are

Suktha Solutions provides end to end business transaction solutions such as sourcing and purchasing the raw material, quotations, inventory management, to the finished product reaching the market and payment of the vendors along with record to report to the “manufacturing and service industries” facilitating smooth business operations, delivering breakthrough improvements in achieving financial targets and increase cash flow in the business. With the help of our cloud based software Suktha, organizations can interlink all the departments and provide easy, convenient and steadfast solutions to manage their daily activities, coordination and bring transparency and efficiency.

In early 2019, Mr. Santhosh V (Co-Founder and CEO) and Mr. Ravi Kumar Bg (Co-Founder and CTO) founded Suktha Solutions and launched business solutions software Suktha that boosts productivity in business, carry out inventory management and billing process in companies flawlessly. The duo is already running the successful Uthkrushta Technologies since 2013, creating user-friendly software products for the micro and small scale manufacturing and service industries.

Why Choose Suktha ?

  • Achieve enterprise mobility
  • Domain expertise
  • Quick on-boarding
  • Simplifying business process
  • Efficient customer support and responsive after sales support
  • Cost effective and competent in every aspect

Modules Of Product

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Technical Abilities We Bring In

Our easy and secure online GST billing software for small businesses helps to create professional invoices and is developed specialized features to keep track of the payments.


Enabling secure access of your business data and transactions anytime from anywhere

Application scales to support the expansion of business

Company data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime

Highly configurable business solutions.

Unified view of purchases, expenses, inventory, invoices, payables and receivables, all in real time

Cloud based solutions


Service Industries

Manufacturing Industries

  • Wholesaler and retailers
  • Advertising industries
  • Fabrication
  • Manpower and domestic services
  • Fabric, clothing and custom tailoring
  • IT services
  • Corporate training
  • Hardware rental services
  • Footwear industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Fabrication industries
  • Water treatment plant manufacturing industries
  • Transformer manufacturing industries
  • Job work and sub contracting industries
  • Metal sheets etc manufacturing industries

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