Testing as a Service (TaaS)

In house Testing: We do take care of our customer product / project testing by keeping testing team at our office.

Offshore Testing : We can depute our test engineering team at customer location for testing their product / services

Outsourcing Mode: Our test engineering team is allocated to customer so that they can allocate it to their customer to execute the required testing.

Our Customers

Perfecto is a cloud-platform for DevOps teams to achieve continuous testing and accelerate delivery of web, mobile & IoT apps.  Serving more than 100+ global brands to deliver high quality products by using their cloud-platform.

Welkin associated with Perfecto in Outsourching mode to support their Indian operations from 2016 and providing talented engineers, setting up of a dedicated office space with required facilities and administration services to execute their operation from India seamlessly and contributing to its growth in their India operations.

Know more about Perfecto: http://www.perfecto.io

Are you Looking for to outsource your Testing activities ?